Workshop and Seminar Topics

Discover Your Purpose!

This self-care workshop offers women, men and students an opportunity to draw a life map, create a plan to identify and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives, and to discover how they are making a difference in God’s kingdom!

Perfect Partner: Fact or Fiction?

Discover dating skills, clarity and awareness to make wise relationship choices in your life! Explore the twelve dating traps commonly encountered

Loving Connections: Five Ways to Bring Love and Caring into your Life

Five easy tools and several valuable applications to improve communication and deepen relationships within your relationships at home and work.

Joy-filled Living: 3 Keys to Feeling Joy and Fulfillment During Times of Change and Transition

Honor the changes you are experiencing and plan your future: Discover your vision, identify your goals and create a strategy for fulfillment. Joy-fully and intentionally reflect God’s love and grace to others!

Five Tools to Bring Joy and Balance Back Into Your Life

Have you heard the saying, “So goes Mom, so goes the family!” Too many mothers strive to be everything to everyone – to their children, husbands, family, friends, neighbors, church members. Learn how to respectfully put yourself first and learn how you’ll have more energy, time and focus.

Single? Single again? Learn to Create a Plan for Dating and Relationship Success!

Learn four essential dating skills to make your dating adventure a success! Learn a dating strategy you can use on-line or in-person! Identify red flags before becoming fully involved in a relationship and…enjoy increased self-confidence and self-acceptance!

How to Plan Your Retirement Life: From the Inside Out!

Are you asking yourself, “What’s next?” or, “Now what?” It’s YOUR turn!!! This Retirement Strategies program is for everyone who is ready to begin creating an action plan -from the inside out – to make these years meaningful, fulfilling and successful.

Five Keys to Unlocking Hearts and Building Loving Relationships!

Attention men, women, singles, families, spouses, and friends who want to feel closer and communicate better. We all need to feel loved and cared for in every relationship we know. Start creating more love and caring in your life…today!

READY…SET…GO! Are you ready to live your best life?

What are YOUR intentions for this year? Create your goals, strategies and action plans for a successful and fulfilling year. Yes, YOU can create the life you dream about!

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