Workplace Strategies

The Top 10 Tips to Remember when you Leave the Corporate World and Work from Home

Many workers today, are leaving the workplace and return home to start their home-based businesses.

The pace and the mindset are very different between these two worlds, though both include plenty of work! Here are some tips for adapting when you’re working from home:

1. Enjoy it!

Use this change to master change. There is only one thing you can control: your attitude. There may be times you miss some things (like adult interaction and intellectual stimulation), but if you focus on what you don’t have, rather than what you do have, you’ll be missing your real life, in real time.

2. Switch gears.

You may feel your “brain has turned to mush,” as you spend your days less stressed and stimulated with the demaninding scheudles and expecations of the corporate life. That’s okay! Enjoy it. You’ll bounce right back to the Einstein-mode when it’s needed.

3. Gone are the deadlines and the pressure. (Be grateful!)

Your worlThe world of children is slow, emotional, and in-the-moment. You will do harm to both the children and yourself if you try and run your home like a professional office, corporate department, or military post. Handle the children with your heart, and relax. Unlike the fleeting chance to make the big deal, the dishes will always be there…but a chance to laugh with your child will not!

4. Figure out what you’re working for.

Not money. Not a promotion. Not praise. You’re now working for a very different but meaningful purpose and there’s no one to “report” to. Explore this. It will serve you in good stead all your life.

5. Focus on what’s profound.

I did a needlework when I was at home to remind myself when I became overly concerned about keeping the house perfect. It said: “Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow, For babies grow up, we learn to our sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs, Dust, go to sleep, I’m rocking my baby, ’cause babies don’t keep.'” it goes very fast. Ask anyone whose kids are grown.

And about the needlepoint…

6. Develop new interests for yourself.

It’s easy to get ‘lost’ in the mammoth tasks of running a home and full-time childcare. It is work that’s literally never done, and you never get to leave it behind you.

At the same time, there can be lots of waiting — waiting for the soccer practice to be over, waiting in the queue to pick up your child at school. Take up knitting or needlepoint. Bring along a book. Get some language tapes.

7. Fine enrichment.

Read the newspaper and find out what’s going on. Then plan activities and learning adventures for you and the kids: studying ducks and then going to the park to feed them; museums; parks and rec department activities; reading at the library; a tennis match at the college; a picnic on the River; sightseeing up the road a bit.

8. Plan adult activities for yourself.

If you remain at home alone all day with your child and don’t make new friends [smile] you will bore your child terribly [smile] and also put an undue burden on your husband when he gets home at night, expecting him to fulfill all your adult companionship needs. Plan a night out with the girls every now and then. Get a sitter during the day. Your child doesn’t need 100% of your intense interest 12 hours a day. Both of you need to have interests, friends, and activities – some together, some apart.

9. The volunteer world is waiting for your.

This is a chance to get out, be with other adults, give to the community, and maintain or develop skills.

10. Watch the wardrobe and waistline.

Don’t start “letting yourself go.” Yes, it’s relaxing, but, as FlyLady says, put on a pair of shoes! Small children need snacks all the time and they burn calories you don’t. Those delicious peanut butter snacks can quickly get you into the next size jeans, and the next size jeans. It will be a new experience for you to be home all day right beside the refrigerator, and if your pantry’s stocked with potato chips and Oreos… well, you get the picture. Think ahead. Start out right.


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