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“As human beings, our job in life is to help people realize how rare and

valuable each one of us really is, that each one of us has something that no one

else has — or will ever have — something inside that is unique to all time.

It’s our job to encourage each other to discover that uniqueness and to

provide ways of developing its expression.” ~ Mister Fred Rogers

What is it you plan to do with this one wild and precious life?

Lynn E. Hagin, M.A.

Have you ever felt the need to re-invent yourself? Fifteen years ago, I did. I’ve always been committed to be the best wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, student and employee. One hectic day, juggling swim meets, piano lessons, church potluck, work, school and home, I realized something was missing! I was busy helping everyone else and lost myself in the journey! It was time to invest in myself – it was time for me to follow Mr. Roger’s advice and discover what was so rare, valuable and unique about me. How could I express that and make a difference in others? Or, to paraphrase Mary Oliver, the poet, “What is it I plan to do with this one wild and precious life?”

Navigated the empty-nest and mid-life transitions!

I returned to college, completed my bachelor’s degree, and then continued on for my master’s degree in marriage, family and child counseling. My clinical work as a marriage and family therapist intern was rewarding, yet frustrating and unfulfilling. Have you ever found something when you least expect it? Reading a therapy magazine between clients one afternoon, I discovered an article describing the difference between therapy and coaching. Epiphany! I got it! Instead of focusing on a person’s illness and diagnosis, I could, as a life coach, inspire my clients to live fulfilling, meaningful and purpose-filled lives. After extensive training and experience in career, relationship, retirement and life coaching, I became a licensed Master Certified Relationship Coach. As a Life Transition Coach, I specialize in clarifying goals and creating action plans that are prioritized and strategically organized.

Business Partner

As a transition coach, I partner with small business owners, and together, we work to move your business forward while, at the same time, map out a strategy to hold a peaceful balance with the other responsibilities, commitments and passions you have in your life.  I enjoy getting to know you and seek to understand your vision for your successful business! I offer you a unique and experienced coaching opportunity to breakdown an often confusing and overwhelming process to create your individualized plan for your success! Here is how we do it – together, I support, guide and coach motivated individuals through their decision-making maze:

  • Create a strategy to save time, energy and avoid confusion and frustration
  • Build a clear and concise picture of what they want and need in their lifestyle and career
  • Offer short-term and long-term planning and goal clarification

Men and women come to me saying they need help getting back on track with their career, relationships or – feeling overwhelmed and unfocused – perhaps ready to reinvent themselves or to find meaning and purpose for their lives.My clients receive the support, encouragement they need to follow through with their priorities – beginning right were they are to set a course of action – to move from fear and uncertainty to confidence and joy!Here is what a few of them have to say about working with me:

Life is rewarding and fulfilling!

The transitions continue: Coaching business launched, husband successfully navigated his transition from the corporate world to owning his franchise consulting and brokering business, Franchise USA! Inc., our children completed their college and graduate school education, and then…Spring 2005, we moved across the country, from California to North Carolina! Do I know transitions? I know what it’s like to invest time and effort to reinvent myself! My life has never been more rewarding and fulfilling – and fun! Now, I encourage others to successfully create short and long-term strategies and to clarify their goals; I support, facilitate, and offer follow through with their action plans – together, we are all making a difference!

Education & Experience

Master’s Degree – Marriage, Family and Child Counseling
Bachelor’s Degree – Child Development
Counseling Experiences – Individuals, Couples, Pre-marital, Families & Children
High School Guidance & Career Counselor

Parent Educator, Professional Speaker
Interactive Workshop, Retreat, Seminar Leader & Teleclass Leader

Coach Training:

  • Life Coach Training – Institute for Life Coach Training
  • Relationship Coach Training – Relationship Coaching Institute
  • Career Coach Training – Career Coach Institute
  • Retirement Coach Training – Retirement Options

Safe ~ Faithful ~ Encouraging ~ Guiding~ Supportive ~ Inspiring ~ Committed

Contact: Lynn Hagin, 910-547-9797,

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