Life Transitions and Relationship Success

November 28, 2011 at 1:00 pm (Strategies for Success)

Ten Tips for Holiday Happiness:

Create your Holiday plans early. Be the chooser – and be proactive…don’t wait around for someone else to create your holiday. Consciously planning your days help you connect with others, keep your mood positive, and your life filled with purpose!  Remember that happiness is an attitude…you choose how happy you will feel!!  Here are ideas to choose from…I’m sure you can think of more!

1.Spend some time each day in wonder…pause to admire and enjoy your surroundings. Create a restful space in your home and sit quietly for 10 minutes each day.

2.Make a list of all the activities and plans you can think of, and schedule one event for each day of your holiday.

3.Think of 5-10 places you could invite someone to accompany you (dinner, coffee, movie, walk, holiday play or concert, etc.). Ask and invite!!! Also, check out the holiday events in your community: Church services, food kitchens, sporting events, walks for charity, concerts, plays, movies, school holiday performances, and more! Make a plan to attend!

4.Ask your friends and colleagues what they are doing…be brave and ask to be included.

5.One day each week, plan to phone, write a note or get together with someone you would like to know better.

6.Learn something new! Visit a new church, synagogue or temple.Learn about a new religion or culture. Check out several books from the library or purchase a new book to enjoy.

7.Be creative with the use of your time.At the beginning of each day – state your intention: “Today, I intend to (be, do, experience)”. Take a moment each day and discover something new – what have you never experienced before?

8.Discover a different way to give of yourself – your time…your money…your service.Ask your local hospital, nursing home or children’s’ hospital if they need volunteers. Visit a senior center and spend an hour visiting and listening to amazing life stories.

9.Become purpose-filled this holiday season – What gives you meaning? Direction? What will be your legacy?

10.Plan your own party! Ask people to your home or favorite restaurant – make it potluck, rent movies or play games. Start a tradition!


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